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Friday, April 29, 2011

Daddy and Baby

  I knock on your front door.  You come running to open the door for your loving Daddy, wearing nothing but a cute little T-shirt and pink panties and give him a big hug.  Daddy grabs you by your butt and picks you up into his arms.  One of Daddy’s fingers reaches across your butt and over your little baby pussy and finds you’ve been wetting your panties with your little pussy milk again.  You of course gasp to Daddy’s finger glazing over your already precummy pussy and start kissing Daddy’s neck while saying, “Daddy, I’ve been a naughty girl.”  “I know,” as I put you down and immediately spank your bottom and tell you to get on the floor.  

    The front door is wide open and you notice my cute little diaper bag with me as you try to lay very obediently on the floor.  I pull out a big baby pacifier and shove it in your mouth.  “Suck your paci like a good baby.”  “But Daddy, I’m a big girl.”  “No, you’re a cummy girl and I’m not going to waste anymore money on getting your little cummy stains out of your sexy little lingerie panties.”  I pull down your cummy panties and lean my mouth over your pussy.  You feel my soft and hot breath over your bare-naked pussy before I kiss your lips baby cummy lips.  I pull out the baby powder from the diaper bag and sprinkle the powder all over your crotch and butt.  “Since you I plan on taking you shopping, I can’t afford any leaks so luckily I brought two thick white diapers for you two wear to the mall.”  You start to kick and scream.  “Don’t make me spank you in front of your neighbors watching you,” as I pretend there’s someone outside that you can’t see.  You believe me and stop your moaning and suck on your paci to calm yourself down.  I squirt a bunch of baby powder all over your crotch and butt before rubbing some petrolatum (Vaseline) in case you make a messy.  I slide two big white diaper underneath you and strap you into one with a little slit down the front, before taping the second diaper.  I grab some packing tape and tape around your diapered waist to make sure you don’t try and take them off.  To increase the bulkiness, I snap on a plastic snap-on diaper cover to make sure you don’t leak in case you end up wetting you diaper like a baby.

  “Let’s go get your little pink dress you look so cute in.”  You try to sit up, but the bulky-thick double diaper makes your turn on your stomach to try and stand.  Right before you’re almost on your two feet, “Babies don’t walk, they crawl,” I tell you in a sternly voice.  You instantly get on your hands and knees and start to crawl to your room.  I occasionally push your diaper with my foot and throw you off balance a little just to imitate how a baby might actually crawl.  When you get to the stairs, I say, “Aw come here baby,” as I pick you up into my arms and carry up the stairs.

   We get to your room and I find your used vibrator and my profile page on diaperspace on your computer all on top of your bed.  I couldn’t help to notice a slightly opened diaper peaking out from underneath one of your pillows.  You feel embarrassed by your Daddy seeing how much of baby you like to be by yourself and almost cry.

   I sit down on the bed and hold you on my lap and tell you, “You such a beautiful woman and it’s OK to be a baby, because you now have a Daddy to take care of you,” while taking your pacifier out of your mouth.  I wipe your tears away and slowly lean in for a kiss.  Our lips stop only a few millimeters apart before you then lean into my lips.  Our soft and barely wet lips snuggle against each other as we passionately kiss and suck.  Our tongues start to play and all of a sudden I lay on top of your double diapered crotch and suckle your neck.  I breathe in your ear and whisper, “Such a good baby.”

   After seeing your nipples starting to pop out of your shirt, I put the paci back in your mouth and start searching for your little pink dress.  Your mind is going nuts, while your pussy is making your diaper feel like you peed in it that you launch yourself back at me, hoping that I’d finish what I started.  I only tell you get back on your hands and knees and be a good baby.  “You’re going to learn to always ask your Daddy if you can masturbate by yourself, otherwise you’re going to be punished with a big tease.”

  We finally find your dress to wear and put it on and over your diaper.  I carry you back down the stairs and to the kitchen.  I grab the milk and pour it into an Aventi baby bottle.  I take out your pacifier and replace it with your baby bottle.  I let you suckle the milk from the baby bottle while I rock you back and forth in my arms.  

   You end up closing your eyes while you drink your bottle and then suddenly realize a bright light and wake up to find yourself outside in front of my car.  You try to hide the baby bottle and get into the front seat as quickly as possible.  I get inside the driver side and put your baby bottle back in your mouth and tell you to finish it before we get to the mall or I’ll nurse you with another baby bottle on a bench inside the mall.  You try to suckle the rest of the milk down as fast as you can, knowing that the mall wasn’t that far of a drive.

   I pull into the mall parking lot and you already feel the urge to pee pee.  “Daddy, can I please take off my diapers?  I need to go pee pee and don’t want anyone to notice my diaper through my dress when it sags down a little from my pee pee,” you say, whining like a little girl.  I just place a pacifier in your mouth and say, “I don’t want to hear another peep about you not needing to wear diapers.  You will be wear your diapers until I say otherwise.  Now, show me how you suck a pacifier and say, “I’ll be a good girl.”  You suck the pacifier really loud and struggle to say, “I’ll be a good girl,” like a little baby trying to talk.

   You watch me get out of the car and walk over to your side of the car to let you out.  I the paci out of your mouth and place it in a little zip-lock bag and place it in my pocket.  I undo your seat belt and take you out the car.  You notice that I left the diaper bag in the car and get scared about the possibility of not being changed anytime soon while in the mall.  

    The urge to pee is kicking inside of you that a little bursts out inside of your diaper.  You suddenly stop dead in your tracks and kind of hunch over in the parking lot as your hot pee flows into your diaper.  You feel your pee pee spread into the back and front of your diaper like you’re sitting inside of a wet and soft sponge.  It’s really obvious of what you did in your diaper, as you see me smiling at you wetting you diaper in front of me.  I see a little tear stream down from you face, “Daddy, Daddy.... I... wet .. my .. diaper.”  I immediately hold you and pick you up into my arms.  You gasp to the feeling of your hot wet diaper squishing against your pussy and butt.  

    “Unfortunately those were the last two diapers I brought with me.”  I guess you’ll have to wear your wet diaper until we can find some more diapers.  I put you down and pat your butt to make you start walking towards the mall.


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