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Friday, April 29, 2011

Daddy's Diaper Girl

After we have met at a local Starbucks, played some kinky game of tennis, you finally invite me over to your restaurant/bar for the last hour of your shift.  During your lunch break, you ended up swapping your hot little pink panties a little cummy from the thought of me coming to meet you tonight with some old white panties with Daddys Pussy written on the front and Daddys Booty on the back.  You even change your normal comfortable working shoes into some little black heels to make sure you look all sexy from head to toe for your Daddy.  The closer it gets to the time youre expecting your Daddy to walk into the door, you start to feel butterflies in your stomach and at the same time so horny to see me again. 
I walk in the door and sit down at the bar and give you a second look, noticing those sexy heels and tight little black skirt and that beautiful smile as you walk towards me.  Theres no one near me, so you say to me, What will it be? and then lean in to whisper in my ear, Daddy?  I smile for a second and then say, Ill have a bud-light, as I say like I dont even know you.   You turn around, get on your tippy toes and slightly bend over enough to see your white little panties peaking out under the back of your skirt as you tell the bartender my order.  Normally you wouldve walked over to him and given the order, but you wanted to be a little slut by trying to get brownie points from her Daddy.
You go over to the bartender to grab my drink and come back over to me swinging your hips side to side, like a little flirt and tell me how much it is.  I open the palm of my hand and you find a five-dollar bill folded up into an origami crane.  I see a big smile on your face as you look surprised to see the little crane in my hand.  The minute you reach in to grab it, I hold your hand for a second and look deep into your eyes and say, Thank you, and whisper baby.  You start to blush and walk away feeling almost overwhelmed at the thought of what is to happen after you get off work.
30 minutes left until you are free to hang out with your hot and young looking Daddy occasionally watching you look so cute in your outfit.  The whole time you feel a little self-conscious and start to feel insecure. Is this guy someone to whom you can submit?   Part of you is aching with submissive desires to be controlled and stripped of your adulthood, while the other hesitant and nervous about what is to come. 
Excuse me, you hear my distinct voice call to you like a Daddy calling to his little baby.  You turn to face me, Yes.. (almost wishing you could say Daddy).  Can I get a glass of water?  Yes, as you go get a glass of water for me.  You come back to me with water in your hand and notice a one-dollar bill folded lengthwise in half, like someone wanting to tip a stripper.  A chill feeling goes crawls up your spine, as you think of the worst possible thing I might do with that dollar bill that would be so embarrassing for you if your colleagues were to see.  I end up just setting it on your little drink saucer with a little teasing smile on my face.  You pick up the folded dollar bill and find a post-it saying WHAT A GOOD DIAPER GIRL stuck between the fold.  You gasp and immediately stick it in your pocket and attend to your last table of the night. 
You clock out of work and start walking to your car parked two blocks away.  I leave shortly right after you and begin to follow you (it was our plan over the phone).  You turn a corner and then stand against the side of the corner building, waiting for me.   I turn the corner and you passionately kiss me and hold me tightly as we make out on the street corner in the middle of the night.
I walk you to your car holding you by my side as our bodies grind against each other as we walk pressed so tightly together.  We get to your car and I force you to move so that your back is against the passenger door before I lift up your skirt to inspect your panties.   I see the panties I told you wear and the word Pussy looked a little smudged.   I pressed the palm of my hand against them and let my middle finger slowly press your panties in between your wet pussy lips and ask, What is this?  Its your babys wet pussy, Daddy?  No! as I slap your pussy with the palm of my hand.  Whose WET Pussy is this? Its Daddys wet pussy? you say as you clench, thinking you might get slapped again, but instead feel a nice wet rubbing swirl from my finger as I whisper in your ear with my hot steamy breath, Thats a good girl.  Thank you Daddy.
  Part 2
We hop in your car and then drop me off at mine.  I tell you to follow me.  We end up at a nice little hotel near downtown S.J. and I grab a duffle bag out of my car and we make our way into the building with you holding Daddys hand.  You think about what might be in that big duffle bag Im carrying as we check into the hotel. 
The minute the elevator door clothes I shove a baby pacifier in your mouth and tell you, You need to be quiet and if youre quiet Ill take out the pacifier.  You nod your head up and down without trying to mumble, Yes. with the pacifier stuck in your mouth.  I kiss you on the forehead, Thats my good little girl.  I hold your hand and walk you to our room. 
We get inside and I throw you on the bed and tell you, Only baby girls suck on pacifiers, so I guess you want to be a baby since you still have a baby pacifier still in your mouth. As I tease you the humiliation of me calling you a baby and watching you suck on a pacifier start to get to you, but suddenly you feel my breath, mouth and tongue squeeze and suck your nipples and breasts, making you forget the humiliation.  With my face still buried in your breasts with your nipples getting harder and harder in my mouth, I undo your blouse and bra as they are stripped off your body. 
I unbutton your skirt and expose the panties you drew on for me.  My mouth goes down and presses my face against your slightly wetness as I kiss your little pussy through the cotton.  I strip them down exposing your bare wet pussy sparkling with little cum seeping out of it.  I grab your little cum-stained panties off the floor and hold them to your face and say, The minute that pacifier leaves your mouth without Daddys permission, Ill gag your mouth with these freshly cum-stained panties of yours.  Frightened to even bear the thought of your own cummy panties stuck in your mouth, you start to suck on the pacifier more furiously to show how much you enjoy the baby pacifier nipple in your mouth.
I grab some leather wrist restraints and turn you over on your chest, binding your wrists behind your back.  You start to feel a little scared and frightened of what might be next on Daddys to do list. 
I spank your ass and say, Whos my little Diaper Girl?  I am Daddy, as you mumble through the pacifier stuck in your mouth.  Louder! spanking you ass harder, you scream through the pacifier, I am Daddy.  You are what? as I spank your ass even harder, your mouth opens wide to scream in pain and the pacifier leaves your mouth.  You face and tongue try to reach for the pacifier before I find it out of your mouth, but with your hands tied behind your back its impossible for you to move. 
Taking your dirty panties, I and shove them right in front of your face planted flat on the bed about to cry over the humiliation of having to have your dirty cummy panties in your mouth.  I give you the option of forcing you to gag over Daddys cock being shoved down your throat three times and you desperately say, Please gag me with your cock Daddy.
I pull a plastic bowl out from my bag and place it to the side of your face.  Every time I make you gag over my cock down your throat you will spit in this bowl or we will do this three more times until you get it right.  Yes, Daddy, you say almost frightened by Daddys seven inch thick cock about to ram down your throat. 
I grab you with the back of your hair to pull your face and body up to a sitting position as you try hard to use your stomach muscles to avoid the pain from pulling your hair.  I have the bowl in my other hand right next to my cock and then the process begins.  I get the head of my cock in your mouth and then thrust it down your throat to hear you gag and pull it back out.   You immediately turn to one side to spit in the bowl and before you can catch your breath my dick goes back down your throat even faster.  You choke and gag your spit into the bowl and I tug on your hair to lift you head up and say, One more, I say with a smile I my face.  This time I slowly ease it down your throat until you feel it stop with ¾ of my cock buried in your mouth.  You begin to suckle my cock in your mouth as my precum dribbles down off my dick and down your throat.  I hear you start to moan and act like a little slut trying to suck a cock for money.   Out of nowhere I thrust it back down to the back of your throat and gag you once again.  You spit in the bowl, while I tell you, Good girl.  Now how about we wash your face. You start to nod and say, Yes Daddy, Thank you Daddy. 
The minute you see my hands dip into your gag bowl, you try to get away and but are unable to leave once I put my leg over your lap and straddle you.  Either you let me take the spit from the bowl and rub it all over your face and tits or I put it your baby bottle and mix it some milk for you to drink.  You stop squirming and stick out your face for me to cover you in spit.  The sense of humiliation comes back into your mind as you start to almost cry over the torment of wearing your own spit on your face and tits. 
I put a collar around your neck attached to a leash, undo your wrist restraints and put them cuffed in front of your body.  I turn you around and bend you over the table next to the bed.  I grab two ankle cufflinks and restrain your ankles together.  I reach back into my bag and grab some lube, two condoms and a butt-plug pigs tail.
Its time for you to be Daddys little pet, as I spank your ass and tell you this might be cold.  I take a baby wipe and a big hard pressing wipe up and down between your butt crack.  I put a condom on my middle finger and cover it with lube and start to make little circles around your butt crack until I ease my finger up inside.  Slowly my finger enters your tight little ass crack.  You start to squirm a little, so I squeeze your butt cheeks to try and take away the pain.   I slowly slide my finger out and then insert your butt-plug pigs tail.  I grab some duck-tape and tape one piece of tape over the top edges of the butt plug and then one underneath the bottom edges to keep it from coming out. 
Aw, whos my little piggy?  As I slap your ass.  I am Daddy, as you almost cry in shame to say it.  Now get on your hands and knees like a good little piggy.  You quickly try to move, but then slow down forgetting about the butt plug stuck in your ass as you feel a little pain as you move your ass around.  You finally get on your hands and knees and I tug on your collar to make you start to crawl.
Your wrists are bound together and so are your ankles, making it almost impossible to move more than an inch or two at a time.   I get a banana and mush it around on a plate and put it under your nose, Time to eat like a pig.  I grab your hair and shove your face down to the plate for you to try and grab the mushy banana dropping off the plate and into your mouth. You think youre done eating but I say, Start licking the plate clean like a good little piggy.  I even wiggle your aching butt-plug pigtail to get you to lick faster.
Aw, such a good piggy, as my fingers squeeze your little face cheeks.  I tug on your leash to make you move closer to the bathroom.  I unbutton my pants and let drop my boxers down to my ankles and start to rub soap over my ass.  Come and wash your face over my ass cheeks.  You dare not move, but you feel the tugging from your leash to my ass and your face plants itself against my soapy ass.  I grab you by your hair and make your face go side to side over my soapy ass cheeks.  I then bring you to the toilet with lid open and plunge your face in the toilet water to get the soap off. 
You have two choices, either you are my little piggy and have daddys cock replace your butt-plug pigs tail or you take a bath let Daddy diaper you when you get out?  Bath and diaper please, Daddy. wanting to wash your toilet water spit face off as you say with a little cute baby voice.
Part 3
I turn on the water in the bath tub, start undoing your ankle and wrist restraints and grab your piggy tail and say, "You sure my little piggy wants to wear a diaper like a little baby?" The thought of being either makes feel so worthless and shameful to admit to either one, but you say in a sad voice, "Yes, Daddy. I want to be your diaper girl," as you put your thumb in your mouth and twinkle your eyes at me.
I grab you baby pacifier and rub the nipple all over the tip of Daddy's pre-cumming "baby bottle" before replacing it with your thumb in your mouth. I start undoing the duck-tape holding your pig-tailed butt plug inside your tight ass and rip off the top piece of tape. You whimper because of the stinging pain and try to focus on sucking your pacifier. I take my middle finger and shove it up your steamy wet pussy all hot and horny from all the humiliation, physical abuse the mental breaking your sense of the control you have over your own well being.
Part 4
My finger stirs the cum around in your wet pussy while I rip off the last duck-tape holding your butt plug that you're just dying for me to take out. My finger is drenched with your cum after swirling all around in your pussy and pain from the duck-tape barely makes you flinch. I take my cummy finger out of your pussy and grab your breasts and swirl your wet cum all over your nipples.
"Be a good girl and push out that butt-plug," while I start to slowly squeeze your titties on and off like it was your ass trying to push and release your butt-plug shoved up so far up your ass. Slowly but surely you finally squeeze the last little inch of the butt plug out of your ass. I grab some lube and massage your slightly swollen butt with it as you start to feel a little better from being stretched.
The water in the tub is now full, warm and ready for me to put my little baby girl inside. I grab you with one hand around the back of your shoulders and the other with two fingers up your pussy to guide you into the bath tub. I give you a baby bottle filled with milk and say, "I want you to finish this baby bottle before Daddy places a diaper under your butt or else Daddy will take your favorite vibrator and make my little girl cum so hard youll be wet before I strap you into a diaper filled with your hot wet cum."
After you see Daddy rub the baby bottle's nipple over Daddy's precumming cock, you instantly open your mouth dying to have another taste of Daddy's cum in your mouth. The minute the baby bottle touches your mouth you go to town on the baby bottle nipple, trying to suck down the milk in the baby bottle as fast you can. 
Your naked little body is in the tub being rubbed down by your loving Daddy making you all clean and soft with dove soap. I take my time around your breasts making them nice and soapy. I grab you by the hair and force you over the side of the tub to soap up that tight ass of yours and slowly slide down your inner thighs. I make my cock nice and soapy and rub it all over your dried-up spit face while your baby bottle still stuck in your mouth only maybe half way done.
I stick two fingers back up your pussy and my other hand behind your back to grab you out of the tub." Show me how my little doggy dries off," talking you like your nothing but a little dumb bitch. You start to giggle and shake your body as I almost laugh in front of you as you're still trying to suck on your baby bottle at the same time. By this time your mouth and jaw is almost fatigued from struggling to get all that milk out of a small little hole in the nipple.
I wrap a towel around you and dry you off and tie the towel around your body while I go grab a big white crinkly adult diaper. Now you have a little less than a quarter left of milk in your baby bottle as I place the diaper underneath you and hold in my hand your vibrator.
I grab your unfinished baby out of your mouth and tell you, "I'm going to fill this back up to the rim and when I get back I won't stop making your pussy wet until you finish your baby bottle or make a big messy cummy orgasm before I diaper you."
You sit with your legs spread open with a diaper underneath your ass thinking about how tired your jaw and mouth is from constantly sucking on the baby bottle nipple. You decide to try and diaper yourself before I get back, but only strap one tape to your diaper before I come back, "Aw, my baby really wants to wear a diaper doesn't she?" "Yes Daddy, I want my diaper, I need to be your diaper girl," as you desperately try to get out of wearing a diaper all sticky with your own wet cum.
You almost start to cry as I shove the baby bottle back in your mouth and say, "That's a good baby... Drink your baby bottle, like the little baby girl you are," I tell you with a baby-talk voice. You smile, because this time you feel more milk come out and now you barely even suck on the nipple.
You start to feel you favorite vibrator slowly intensify at the edge of your pussy lips before barely touching your soon to be hard clit. The lube from the vibrating dildo makes your pussy even more wet and horny as it slips and slides in and out of your pussy. Youre sucking on your baby bottle like it was Daddy's cock cumming down your throat. 
"I'm finished Daddy," you say with relief to not having to sit in a mess of cum in an adult diaper.  The amount of milk in your tummy starts to stir around telling your bladder it wants out.  You hope that you'll have the chance to use the bathroom before you get strapped into a diaper. 
I take advantage of your mouth being fatigued and tell you, "I'm going to pump your mouth 33 times to make up for the last 33 years Daddy wasn't there to nurture you.  Each time I give you my cock, I'll say "Happy Birthday!" after I thrust it down your mouth and pull it back out you'll say, "I turned one Daddy."  The next one is, "I turned two Daddy."   But by the time you turned "ten" your mouth is so tired almost hurts to suck my thick cock that you start to almost cry to not be able to finish your Daddy's wishes.  You love the feel of my thick cock so perfectly round and smooth with occasional "some-young-guy" sauce dripping in your mouth that makes you so upset not being able to suck it.
   You can barely open your mouth for the 11th birthday gift in your mouth and almost choke and gag after not being able to control the thick cock.  I grab my dick out of your mouth and tell you, "I thought you would've wanted to be sucking dick like a woman, but it looks like we still need to train that mouth of yours."  You try to speak, but don't want to move your mouth and just sit there like a silent little baby.  I give you an ice pack to help ease your jaw and mouth from all of the constant sucking.
   "I guess you need a diaper, if you can't seem to even speak."  Your tears stream down your face, knowing you'll have no option of using the bathroom.  I powder your crotch with baby powder and watch it harden your wet cum.  I grab your legs together and pick them up, lifting your butt off the ground and sprinkle a mound of baby powder over the butt area of your diaper.  I drop your legs as your butt splatters the mound of baby powder all over your ass and around it.
I lift the front of your diaper up just a little and say, "Show me how a little baby wets her diaper.  I know you need to make a wetty and nows your chance to do it."  You shake your head and almost frightened to think of what I might say next.  I take one knee and press some of my weight over your stomach, cramping your full bladder and forcing you to eventually let go of your pee pee.
   "Aaahhhh," as you gasp to suddenly let go of your pee pee.  Your hot-wet pee sprinkles into your open-faced diaper as you see me looking at you wetting yourself in front of my eyes. 

"Stop peeing, right now."  You try to hold it and it's to hurt even more to restrain yourself.  "If you dare pee without me telling you, you'll be using that diaper for all bathroom needs."  I fasten two of the four straps before I hear you cry and say, "Daddy, I can't take it anymore.  Whhhaaa!" as I hear you tinkling in your diaper again. 
I finish diapering you up and decide to strap you into the other one.  I rip a hole in the back of your diaper and you suddenly feel something wet get shoved up your ass.  I lie to you and tell you, "I gave your butt a fresh scent of flavored lube to elevate any smells you might have later."  I ended up shoving a laxative up your butt crack to make sure you'll be wearing a messy diaper soon enough.  I strap you into the second diaper and hold you in my arms.
You say in a little high-pitched airy voice, "I love you Daddy."  You lean over to kiss my cheek, as you hear me say, "And I love you."  We cuddle for a little longer before you start to cry over your wet diaper getting all cold and dry.
"Aw it's o.k. Little baby, Daddy's here."  I pick you up in my arms and carry you the bedroom.  You lay over a towel, as you feel your double diaper come off.  I take some baby wipes and rub all around your pussy and ass to make you all freshly clean again.  I see start to smile and giggle like a little girl. 
You're now all sprawled out on my bed, butt-naked and say, "I want my Daddy," with your seductive and sexy woman voice.  You see my cock poking out of my pants and sit up to lick the precum about to slide down the shaft of my thick hard cock.  "Fuck me like Mommy Daddy, I want Daddy to be my first," you talk to me with a little bit of my precum sparkling on your lips.
I grab you by your tits and tell you, "I need to make sure you're all cleaned out before Daddy fucks you in every hole you can fit my cock in."  I tug yours tits to make you walk over to the toilet.  I plop you down on the toilet and nipple clamp your titties with adjustable metal clamps tied together by a chain.  I stick the middle of the chain in your mouth and tell you, "Don't let go of it, or I'll string it to the door and make your nipple jolt with pain with every door slam."
"I think my little girl needs to poop."  The laxative that I shoved up your butt is probably making your stomach have cramps and the only way to get over them is to poop.  I make it a little more challenging by sticking a little remote control vibrator up your pussy. 
Your tits are clamped, pussy plugged and your ass is yearning to make a messy in the toilet.  "Every time I yank you by your hair and make you pull your nipple clamps away, you'll try to push your poop.  I'll then make your vibrator set to the max for 10 seconds before we repeat the process."
Part 7
I start your vibrator on a very slow pulse, "You like that?  You like that cum swapping around your pussy and making a nice coat over your favorite dildo?"  After a matter of seconds, I yank your hair back as you almost scream to your hard tits pressed so tightly by the metal-rubber clamps being expanded and stretched out and try desperately to push, but can't concentrate because of the pain.  I count to five and then release your hair, take off your titty clamps and then gently squeeze your slight swollen soft and snug able breasts.
"You didn't go poop? I think you like this treatment."  You shake your head, "No. Daddy!" "Aw, you still want to talk to me like a baby and not a big girl?" teasing you.  You start to feel confused and don't know whether to say Daddy or my name, so you just stay quite.
"Aw, my little girl wants to be a baby again," as my fingers squeeze your cheeks.  You start to blush and say, "Daddy, Poopy."
The minute you try to poop, a pacifier is back in your mouth, your vibrator is turned to the max and nipple clamps on both of your nipples again.  This time I'm pulling on the chain tying your nipple clamps together and say, "Don't make me shove your own fingers up your ass like a little baby playing in her diaper!"  I stop everything and finally your shit explodes out of your ass into the toilet as you say, "Thank you Daddy" relieved to not having to explode in a diaper.
I pick you off the seat and get you back on your hands and knees.  I force you to stay like a bitch on a leash by sliding your nipple-clamp chain under on side of the toilet seat.  Your bare ass is up in the air and still wet from your shit splattering.  You feel a cold yet soothing baby wipe cleanse your baby butt and feel it dipping in your crack a little as well.
"I'm going to flush the toilet only when you either let me lift you from your back five times, making your titties hurt from being stretched or have my bare cock down your throat after it's been marinating up your ass."  The smell in the toilet is almost making you barf and you're not in the mood to taste your messy ass in your mouth that you ask for your titty torture. 
"For each of the five times that I lift you up, you'll cry out, "I want bigger titties!" before I release you."  I lift you up and then you scream "I want bigger titties!" the minute your titties are pulled against their own will.  Right before your fifth punishment, I barely lift you maybe only a centimeter and you automatically say, "I want bigger titties!"  "Uh oh, I didn't lift you all the way so now you have to say it five times while I hold you up stretching your titties.  You are crying your eyes out for every word you say, even after I let back down to flush the toilet.  I slowly take off your nipple-clamps clamping your now very swollen and dark red nipples and breasts.
"I love you Daddy," you say with the happiness covering your face for you ended up cumming so hard and fast for the first time ever in your life.  "Fuck me like the whore I am so I, your little fuck slut can repay my Daddy."

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