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Friday, April 29, 2011

Humiliation 1

   I tell you to wear a one-piece casual dress, sexy matching bra and panties and some fuck-me looking heels to a bar in the city.  You walk into the bar and find me standing near the door.  "According to my Movado you happen to be three minutes late," I say to you while giving you a hug.  Being such a good little girl you are you innocently whisper in my ear, "I'm sorry, Daddy."  

   I bring you to the bar and immediately spank your ass three times for the minutes you were late.  I order us two vodka-cranberry while I hold your hand and feel you lean up against me.  After paying for the drinks I hand you one to hold and lead you to the back of the bar.

   We toast to our first time meeting and start drinking.  After a little chitchat, I slide myself right next to you.  I grab you and place you on my lap.  I try to help you finish your drink but purposely make it hard for you to drink it.   

  I reach inside my jacket pocket to find a baby bottle and pour the rest of your drink into it.   You immediately tense up to the embarrassment of having to drink from a baby bottle in a public bar.  You try to dodge the nipple going into your mouth but after you feel my other hand squeeze your tit really hard, you gasp and find the baby bottle in your mouth.   I hold it in place and watch you eventually give in to sucking the rest of your drink out of your baby bottle.

  "I need to run back to my car and get something.  I better see your baby bottle finished and still sitting on top of this table when I get back.”  You sit there in your seat and try to suckle down the rest of the liquid in your baby bottle as fast as you can.  The alcohol starts to kick in from drinking it up so fast that you are almost to tipsy to notice a few people occasionally staring at you.  

  After a couple of minutes I return with a custom designed diaper bag but I’m immediately waved down by the bartender to hear her say, “That girl is pretty cute with her baby bottle and I’d be happy to fill her baby bottle up with a special drink.”  “I’ll be right back and get it,” as I walk back to see you with a smile on my face.  “The bartender wants to make you a drink in your baby bottle,” I tell you as you look so embarrassed.

  I walk back to bartender and give her your baby bottle.  She ends up pouring a white-russian, making it almost look like formula milk inside of the baby bottle.  I come back and give you your bottle.  You refuse and start to pout.  I set the baby bottle on the table and grab you by your arm and the diaper bag.  You try to resist but are to intoxicated that you can only whine like a little baby say, “No, No, Where are you taking me?  What are you doing?” as I bring you to the men’s bathroom.  
  I put you inside a stall and lift up your dress to strip your panties off and over your heels.  The thoughts of being raped cloud your mind as you feel the bathroom air against your bare-naked pussy.  “You can either take Daddy’s bare cock up your little pussy and risk being pregnant or be Daddy’s little baby and wear an adult diaper for the rest of the night.  What’s it gonna be?”  You almost start to cry to the humiliation of asking a man you hardly know to put a big white diaper on you, as you point to the diaper bag and say, “Please diaper me, Daddy.”  

  The minute I start to squirt baby powder over your pussy and ass, you suddenly feel the urge to pee.  You try to say “Daddy, I need to go pee pee,” in the most girlish voice, hoping I’d let you pee before putting you in a diaper.  Since you drank your baby bottle like you were supposed to, I let you go pee in the toilet before strapping you into a “bambino” diaper with little teddy-bear prints on the front of it.

  A soft and warm feeling snuggles up and against your pussy and butt as your brand new diaper crinkles to any slightest movement you make. Your dress barely covers about an inch or so past your diaper, making you feel self-conscious, but at the same time safe and secure.  I give you a big hug and notice how your diaper slightly peeks out the back and say, “That’s a good baby.  Who’s a big baby?”  “I am Daddy,” you shyly say.  “You’re what? Baby?”  “I’m a big baby, Daddy.”

  I lead you out of the men’s room and arrive back at our little table.  I make you sit on my lap and feed you the baby bottle still sitting on the table.  “That’s a good baby,” I tell you as you suckle your white-russian drink.  You notice a slightly different taste in the white-russian but can’t seem to think about what it might be.  

  After another 20 minutes, we finally finish our drinks and I tell you that it’s time to leave.  You feel your bladder being a lot more active after a few drinks in you and realize that you need to pee again.  “Daddy, I need to go to the bathroom again,” you point to the ladies room but then see me point to your diaper.  You just try to hold it and start to walk out of the bar.  The diaper bulge between your legs almost makes you walk a little funny as you start to look around to see if anyone even notices.  You do notice a few people staring at you since the crinkling sound from your diaper is almost audible to anyone less then a few feet away.  

  You finally make it outside the bar, not trying to think of how humiliating and yet so erotic it was.  In a matter of seconds you suddenly feel something about to come out and it’s not your pee.  You try to clench your butt cheeks but you could only slow down your bowel-movement from entering your diaper.  I see you start to crouch against the side of a building with tears running down your face as you make a messy in your diaper.  You immediately remember that different taste and guess that I had given the bartender a saline laxative to mix inside of your drink.  After you made a messy, your pee pee finally releases into you diaper.  You can’t even bare to move as you start to leak that your diaper might be leaking.  



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