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Friday, April 29, 2011

You, in your room

After a couple minutes of you thinking of how it’s been so long since you’ve strapped on a big baby diaper between your legs and over your wet little pussy that you immediately run to your closet and grab your secret little diaper bag stash. You find two thick adult diapers, baby powder, Vaseline, baby bottle and a pacifier inside your diaper bag. The pacifier goes into your mouth the instant you see it and suck on it so loud as if it was your Daddy’s cock popping in and out of your mouth.
You throw the diaper bag on your bed and start stripping down to your birthday suit. You open one of the diapers up and lay it flat on your bed. You spread a thick layer of Vaseline all over your crotch and butt before sprinkling baby powder all over your diaper on the bed. You plop your butt down on the soft and smelly baby powdered diaper and lay back to pull the front of the diaper over your throbbing wet and Vaselined pussy. After all four straps are fastened tightly around your waist, you then plop your diapered butt on your second diaper.
A pacifier nipple is all wet inside of your mouth and two thick diapers are pushed up against your ass and pussy forcing you to waddle like a baby. Luckily your roommate is out with friends and won’t get back until 11pm, so you start to crawl out of your room and head towards the kitchen. The sound of your crinkling diaper excites your pussy even more with every move you make. By the time you get to the kitchen you start to feel how hot and moist your diaper feels. You find some apple juice and pour it inside of your baby bottle. You also end up chugging the last quarter of the juice container, since you can’t wait to make a pee pee in your diaper.
You crawl over to your living room couch and your baby bottle is now in your mouth as you suckle the apple juice from the nipple. You even let some of it drip onto your breast and nipples as you lay watching some TV. Your other hand gropes your diaper as your start to masturbate with your Vaseline-baby powdered diaper rubbing up against your dripping wet pussy. You moan over how big of baby you are as you tell yourself, “I’M A BIG BABY... I’M A PEE PEE BABY.” After a couple of minutes, your dirty wet cum bursts out into your thick diaper as you feel you cum spread all through out your diaper.
The minute you stop orgasiming over your hot wet cum sticking to your diapered pussy and down to your ass, your body suddenly releases that hot pee that’s been begging to flow out you like a waterfall. You almost gasp to the quick release of your pee pee squirting into your diaper, like you don’t how to use the bathroom like a big girl. You stick your pacifier back into your mouth and slowly start to tear up like a little baby. “Daddy, I wet diaper,” keeps running through your head. The longer you still on the couch, the more you start to feel how flooded your diaper is. You made a big soggy wet diaper that’s already leaking into your outer diaper.
You go online and try to find someone, perhaps an online Daddy to chat to, hoping he’d punish you for wetting your diaper and acting like a big baby all by yourself. Luckily for you one of your online Daddies are online to chat with you.
After a few minutes of messaging back and forth to your Daddy online about how much of a big baby you’ve been tonight, you find your baby bottle to be all empty. You’re not even big enough to go refill your bottle on your own that you force yourself to message your online Daddy, “Daddy, can I refill my baby bottle?” The embarrassment of some stranger that you hardly know online is in control of your pathetic little body and mind, makes your pussy so wet that you even forget that you already wet your diaper.
About a half hour passes by since you last made a pee pee in your big bulky diaper and you find it getting a little cold and slightly hard. You’ve been sitting on your couch from almost an hour and feel so comfy that you don’t even remember that big girls use the toilet that you end up wetting your diaper again. Suddenly you snap out of your baby trance after a few seconds of feeling your hot wet pee seeping out of your pussy and all around your crotch.
“Oh, NO. I’m wetting my diaper again, DADDY!!” you type to your online Daddy. He laughs with a smiley face and reminds you why you should always have a diaper on. You almost start to cry on how you want to be a big girl, but you couldn't even remember that you needed to use a toilet to go pee pee. A diaper on you becomes a necessity for your own well being as an adult. You feel like you might become dependent on wearing diapers more then you might want to.
You get so upset that you start to suck on your pacifier and curl up into a little ball on the couch. After a few minutes you fall asleep. An hour passes by and your front starts to open and your roommate, Megan walks inside. You jump up to the door opening and find yourself stuck wearing a soggy double diaper and a pacifier in your mouth with your roommate looking in shock. Megan immediately starts to giggle and walks over to you, while glancing over at your computer screen.
“So this is what you do when I’m gone?” as she starts reading your messages to your online Daddy. You’re speechless and can’t even move as you stand there still in your soggy wet diaper with your pacifier gagging your mouth. Megan talks to you as if she was a mother catching her own daughter wearing diapers saying, “DaddiesDiaperSlut??? Is this your SN? You had some online person message you and tell you how to act and look?” Tears start to stream down your face and you even tinkle some more pee pee into your already soggy diaper.
Megan opens her arms and tries to hold you, but then smells something.... “You WET your DIAPERS too?” like she hasn’t a clue of who you really are any more. You burst into tears and try to waddle to your room, but Megan grabs your arm and forces you to explain yourself. “Tell me what all of this is... RIGHT NOW!” You can’t even speak so you show her your kinky accounts online and let her read them.
Megan starts to read your information out loud, “Fetishes Into:
"babygirl needs her daddy, doesnt she?" (receiving),
ab nursery(everything to do with it),
adult baby (everything to do with it),
adult baby as punishment (receiving),
age play (everything to do with it),
anal enemas diapers(receiving),
baby bottle feedings (receiving),
baby play---> messing in your diaper (everything to do with it),
bathroom use control (receiving),
being punished for being a bad girl(receiving),
daddy daughter roleplay (wearing),
diapered and dominated(receiving),
diapers in public (receiving),
exposed diapers in public (wearing),
forced bed time in a diaper (receiving),
forced infantilism (everything to do with it),
infantilism (everything to do with it),
public humiliation (receiving),
reverse potty training (receiving),
verbal humiliation and degradation (receiving),
whatever daddy wants daddy gets (giving).
You are such a big diaper slut, aren’t you?” You slowly nod your head and can’t even think about what Megan might say or do next.
“What is that smell? Did you wet your diaper like a big baby girl?” Megan said like she was enjoying every minute of her humiliating you. With you pacifier still stuck in your mouth, you softly mumbled, “I went pee pee in my diaper...” “What I can’t hear you? Speak up BABY!” Megan almost scolding you with her stern voice. “I WET MY DIAPER, MEGAN!” as your pacifier pops out of your mouth and onto floor as you cry out in tears. Megan comes over and spanks you and tells you to go to the bathroom and wait for her there, while she goes into your room. You hear her laughing and gasping to all of the baby items and diapers you have been hiding all this time.
Megan walks into the bathroom with you diaper bag, filled with all of your baby supplies and a plastic bag that looked like it was filled with big girl panties. “I think you wanted to admit to me how much of big baby you are by laying on the couch with a soggy diaper on and a baby pacifier in your mouth. Didn’t you!” Being the scared little baby that you are, you try to say, “NO, I... I...” “Come on baby say it... You want a DIAPER CHANGE.. DON’T YOU! I bet you want me to be your MOMMY and change your SOGGY WET DIAPER,” as you see her dump your panties into the trash can, one after another.
You start to tear up again and start to loose control of your bladder and start to pee again. This time your diaper can’t hold any more liquid so you suddenly see Megan gawking at your thighs as your pee pee slowly starts to leak out of your fully wet diaper. Megan puts you in the shower and strips off your two diapers that fall down the floor and spanks your ass while saying, “Whose your MOMMY?” You slowly say, “You are,” “Tell Mommy what big baby girls wear?” Megan is still spanking you and you start to almost cry out in pain as you say, “I wear DIAPERS... I wear DIAPERS like a baby.. MOMMY!”
After you basically given up all of your adult rights to your roommate aka MOMMY, you find yourself helpless as a baby girl. Megan puts your pacifier back in your mouth and after washing you off in the shower, takes you back to your bed. You lay flat on another big white diaper as she rubs the Vaseline all over your pussy and ass before sprinkling lots of baby powder all over you. The front end of the diaper pulls firmly in place over your powdered and oily pussy as Megan tapes the diaper secure. She even found your locking plastic diaper panties to put over your diaper.
You’re now diapered with locking panties over your diaper and unable to take them off and a pacifier back in your mouth as Megan says, “I always knew you were a little submissive girl, but had no idea that you would need to wear diapers and be treated like a baby. I bet you wish you never wore your diapers tonight or maybe you are enjoying this humiliation and just holding it inside of you. Since you haven’t even tried to get away from me forcing you to wear diapers and act like a baby, you’ll now have to always be my baby girl whenever I want you to be.” You start to tremble inside over two things; one, you’re afraid of never being able to be a big girl and two, you’re feeling the urge to poop.
“Let’s get some of your sexy clothes on and make “last-call” at the nearby bar.” You start to try and waddle away, but only get pushed on the bed. Megan jumps on top of you and sits on top of your stomach and tells you, “You better obey or I’ll strap you down right her and make you eat my “time of the month” pussy. What’s it gonna be? ... BABY! You stop resisting and let Megan dress you in one of your skimpy dresses that barely hide the bulge of your diaper. She finds your slutty looking stilettos for you to wear, hoping you might fall over and expose your diapered ass.
You make your way out of the apartment and start heading down the stairs first with your Mommy Megan following closely behind you. A young couple is coming up the stairs and they obviously see your diaper bulge peaking out of your short dress. “What are you two looking at? Did you notice her diaper?” Megan asking them with a smirk on her face. The couple start to laugh as they keep heading up the stairs. You can already feel how humiliating the next couple of minutes are going to be.
The second you set one foot out of the front door, you burst into tears and try to run back inside, crying, “I can’t do this... Please, I beg you.” Megan puts you up against the wall and spreads your legs as your skirt hikes up, exposing your big diaper. “Smile,” Megan says as she takes a photo of you crying like a baby. “I’m going to personally show this to all of our mutual friends if you don’t do what I say. You hear me!” as Megan grabs your diapered crotch and pulls you off the wall. “Now, get outside!”
You arrive at the bar and find the bouncer checking I.D.’s and realize you don’t have your ID with you. Megan walks up to the bouncer first and shows her ID and says, “I think she might have dropped her ID in her diaper.” “What?” the bouncer thinking that Megan said something else. Megan walks back over to you and lifts up your skirt and doesn’t realize that you’re whole body is quivering over the embarrassment that your bladder looses control as you slowly start to tinkle in your diaper. The bouncer tries hard not to laugh as he gives the signal to go ahead. Your Mommy Megan pulls you by your skirt as you can’t even control yourself from peeing in your diaper as you walk inside.
“I have someone you I want you to meet,” as Megan says to you with a grin on her face. A man sits over at the corner of the bar and seems to be eyeing you since the minute you walked in. You can’t stop shaking from what might be next or if you’ll ever make it back home tonight as Megan appears to be leading you over to him. You start to think of the worst scenarios of who this man is or what he wants with you.
“Hi, BABY,” as the man greets you with a little grin on his face. “Hi,” you softly and slowly say with a quiver in your voice. “You’re DaddiesDiaperSlut on yahoo chat right?” speaking to you like he already knew you. “Yes... as you start to feel your diaper starting to cool down from your hot wet pee inside of it. “I just had dinner with your roommate, Megan and it was a pretty smooth evening until I left my phone on the dinner table before I went to use the bathroom. Megan had noticed a buzz and picked it up to see DaddiesDiaperSlut wrote: “Hi Daddy.” She pretend she was me and asked you of where you live and what you’re doing tonight. You apparently mentioned how you didn’t live to far away from the restaurant and after you gave her your street address she was really curious. We’re all on Fetlife and so Megan searched your SN on Fetlife and found your account. She recognized the background images in your photos and told me that she had to go check it out. It turns out that we’re both Doms that love trying to mess with each others head and it was such a coincidence that you are such big submissive little baby.” The poop that you thought you could have held in until you got back had just made a peek out of your ass hole after hearing your online daddy’s voice.


  1. baby bottle and a pacifier inside your diaper bag. The pacifier goes into your mouth the instant you see it and suck on it so loud as if it was your Daddy’s cock popping in and out of your mouth. adult diapers

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  3. You are just turning 18. And finailly meeting your online daddy you have had since you have been sixteen. He tells you to pack for one night and don't bring any underwear or there will be serious consequences. You get excited at the thought of possibly being punish so you pack a pair of undies anyways. Its lunch time and you are at the park your daddy asked you to meet him at. To your surprise you an a blue eyed blonde haired man that stands almost two feet taller then you are the only people at the park. But not thinking its your daddy you just sit and wait until a hour passes by and you wish you would have disobeyed him when he said no using the potty until we see each other. Finailly you become completely despirite and walk up to this man that looks to be in his late 20s earlier 30s an you take the chance by whispering in his ear are you my daddy with the humiliating question and the urgue to go pee your body becomes over whelmed and with tears in your eyes you began to pee your pants. The man turns around an looks you straight in the eyes an says in a stern rough voice you naughty little girl you will be punish and with one swift move he drags you back to his black dodge an lays you down in the back seat. You finailly grow the courage to ask him just excalty what he was doing. The stranger does not take kindly to this an with one swift smack he back hands you and proceeds to say little girls can't talk now Shhhh baby. He pulls out a very think white diaper but instead of removing your jeans and cleaning you up he puts it over the mess you have made. You start to cry because not only did you hope to feel at least dry but you also fear of a Jean chafe rash. He sees the fear you with hold an laughs really loudly as he begins to smack the front of your diaper saying how much of a naughty messy girl you are for wetting so highly. He begin to wonder if he is sweet like he promised but your wonderment stops as you relaize his plan isn't over he heckles you up in a over sized car seat an take you home. Were he strips you of your clothes then ties you down to a bed making sure you are unable to move in any way. He then comes in and says daddy has a surprise for you baby girl thinking your going to be fucked you pray and hope you remembered to tell him you are still a virgin but then to your complete surprise and terrifying horror he pulls out a dildo. Vibrater an he hurries deep within your virgin tight pussy he turns it on a high setting straps a diaper back on you then proceeds to leave the room you beg an yell an scream for him to come back the vibrater is making your body twich. An achieve an move ever which way to your.