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Monday, June 20, 2011

Princess and Daddy

It’s Saturday morning and your asleep in your big baby crib when your Daddy comes in your room.  Daddy pulls the covers off you and finds your diaper soggy wet.  You immediately start to wake up as you find your Daddy changing your wet diaper.  “Good morning Princess,” as Daddy sticks your favorite pink binky in your mouth.  “Hi Daddy,” as you smile and then accidentally start to make another tinkle in your opened diaper.  You start to cry like a big baby and don’t know why you can’t control your pee pee anymore.  Luckily for you, your wet diaper soaks up your little tinkle and Daddy starts to baby wipe all over your pussy and butt.  “It’s a good thing I still had your wet diaper on you, or you might have had to wear a fresh wet diaper for not making yourself finish peeing in your diaper,” as Daddy sprinkles baby powder all over your crotch before strapping you into your new diaper.
Daddy stands you up with only a diaper on says, “Put your hands up,” as he pulls down your “Hello Kitty” tutu dress that barely covers your diapered butt.  “Lay down on your back, Princess,” as you diaper crinkles and baby powder puffs out of it from all of your movement.  Sucking your pacifier so hard like it’s a squeaky toy, you smile to see pull of your Mary Jane shoes.  Daddy slides on your opaque white tights that come halfway up your thighs before putting on your little Mary Jane shoes.  You try to get up but can’t since your still sleepy and instead start to crawl out of your nursery room.  
As you crawl to edge of the stairs Daddy picks you up and carries you to the kitchen.  He pulls out a cup of milk from the microwave and pours it into your big Aventi baby bottle.  You pull out your pacifier and Daddy hands you your bottle to drink out of.  “Since you didn’t behave last night, I told you that I’d punish you in the morning.  I have four little glass jars of baby food for your morning breakfast.” as Daddy snapped on your adult baby bib around your neck.  Daddy took your little baby spoon and spooned Banana Orange Medley into your mouth.  You tried to swallow it with a smile but you couldn't bare the taste of it.  One down three more to go, you told yourself as if you were training for a marathon.  “Which one would you like next, my little baby?  We have either Prunes With Apples, Winter Squash or Peach Oatmeal and Banana?”  You frown to pick Winter Squash and immediately drink more of your baby milk from your bottle.  Daddy opens the baby jar and lets you smell the jar before feeding you your Winter Squash.  You almost start to cry over the awful taste being forced inside of your mouth.  “One more bite, Baby,” as Daddy makes a airplane move with the spoon.  You barely let it slide in your mouth before making yourself start to drool.  The baby food slides down your lips and onto your bib.  Daddy takes his finger and slides it under your lip to gather the baby food and shoves it in your mouth to suck it off.  
“Daddy, I don’t want anymore baby food.  Please don’t make me eat anymore,” as you reach out your hands to Daddy’s bottle and give a little innocent look on your face.  “Baby wants some of Daddy’s milk?”  You nod with your mouth slightly open and get on your knees as Daddy pulls out his bottle.  You start to lick the precum from the tip of his cock before sliding it all in your mouth.  Daddy grabs the back of your head and forces you to keep his bottle deep inside your mouth as you suck on it with the back of your throat.  You start to drool Daddy’s cum out your mouth as he glides his bottle over your tongue back and forth.  “Mmmmm, Daadddyy,” as you feel more “baby food” come out of Daddy’s bottle.  Daddy pulls your mouth back and off his wet dripping cock and takes off your baby bottle’s nipple.  You watch as Daddy strokes and explodes his cumming cock into you half filled baby bottle.  Daddy lets your lick his cock clean before putting it back inside of his pants.
“Such a good girl,” as Daddy puts the nipple on the baby bottle and sticks it back in your mouth.  Daddy picks your up and takes you outside in the back yard and lets you play on your big rocking horsey.  The milk and Daddy’s cum swish together as you rock back and forth.  You find yourself relieved to not eat the rest your baby food.  
The door bell rings.  “Princess, you must stay here and not come back inside until I come and get you.  Do you understand?”  “Yes, Daddy,” mumbling with your bottle in your mouth.  Daddy head over to front door and finds his friend, John standing in the doorway with his 18 yrs old daughter, Stacey.  They both walked inside and sat down in the living room as Daddy went to the kitchen to get John a beer and Stacey a soda.  
After 10 minutes of talking and catching up, you start to get cold and bored of rocking on your horesy.  You start to walk back inside and then find yourself needing to go poopy, before you get to the back door.  The rule for needing to go poopy is to tell your Daddy so that he can take your diaper off and sit you on the toilet.  You find yourself really needing to go that you almost run through the kitchen and into the living room.  
John and Stacey had never known about your Daddy’s secret affairs until now.  Daddy, John and Stacey look at you with their mouths wide open to see a grown woman wearing little girl clothes with a big bulging diaper visibly exposed.  It was sort of O.K. to have another man see you diapered like a baby girl, but you felt extremely humiliated to be standing in front of a little girl who’s younger than you.  In the couple seconds of silence of awkwardness and embarrassment you don’t find yourself needing to poop anymore, instead you find your diaper a lot heavier then usual and start to smell a smell that you only remember smelling in the bathroom.  You made a poopy in your diaper in front of Daddy and his friends and have nothing to say for yourself, but to stand there and cry.
“Haa Haa, is this your girl friend?” says Stacey to your Daddy.  “No, this is my baby girl that doesn’t seem to know how to act like a lady or obey her Daddy,” as Daddy looks toward you in disgust.  “Well, I think I’ve seen all I can put up for today,” as John starts walking towards the front door.  “John let me explain.  Stacey do you mind babysitting, she’ll do whatever you want her to do and I’ll make sure you are compensated?  “Are you serious?  You need me to take care of this adult baby?”  “Yes, John are you O.K. with this?  I’ll buy you a drink at the bar?”  “Sure, lets get out of here.
Your Daddy and John leave the house, your face is sobbing wet from your tears and your diaper is full of poop.  “Aw, did you make a poopy in your diaper,” Stacey says as she pats your pooped-full diaper.  “Yes, I did,” as you cry and try to give into her being the mature adult in this situation.  Stacey looks through the kitchen to find the two other jars of baby food still left out on the table.  You see her starting to think about something clever and notice yourself starting tinkle in your diaper.  Stacey notices your little pee pee spraying against your hard and cold wet diaper and smiles, “Wow, you really can’t learn to go to the potty like a big girl, can you?  You didn’t seem to finish your baby food, so either you finish it now with your poopy diaper on or I change your diaper and make you eat your baby food in anyway I see fit.  Having never soiled in your diaper before you choose the diaper change now and hope you’re not going to regret it.
“O.K. stinky come upstairs and lets get you all cleaned up,” as Stacey walks behind you with her hand pressed against your poopy diaper.  That very full diaper makes you waddle like a toddler but you’re once again reminded about how you pooped your diaper as you feel your poop smearing all over your diaper.  

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