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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Public humiliation with Diapers

Amy finally decided to meet her online Daddy after many messages over the internet. Daddy made a trip out to see his very young and innocent little girl. Two big bags, one with his personal things and the other all for his new baby girl, was all that Daddy needed to take care of his baby girl.

The lobby of a hotel, located not too far from the airport was a good spot to meet up for the first time. Amy was told by her Daddy to wear a pink little blouse, short little white skirt and knee-high stockings, but Amy wanted to really make a good impression so she also wore a little “Hello Kitty” hair band. Daddy walked into the lobby and immediately noticed his little baby girl. Amy knew she needed to be on time and in her seat before Daddy got to the hotel or she’d be even more humiliated.

A tall and slender man, wearing button down shirt and designer jeans stood in front of Amy. Amy was instructed to say to any man who was dressed up in any type of fashion to ask them, “Are you my Daddy?” Luckily for Amy no one else had came up to her beforehand. Daddy pulled out a pacifier from his jacket pocket and popped it into Amy’s mouth. A young couple had just passed by and sort of giggled over the play of events, which made Amy even more humiliated and almost squirming in her seat.

Daddy grabbed Amy’s hand and walked her over to the front desk to check-in. The hotel worker smiled at Amy, still sucking on the pacifier with her face halfway buried inside of Daddy’s jacket. Daddy only wanted to make Amy feel even more horrified by the younger woman working behind the desk by asking, “Do you have any baby cribs?” The young woman almost laughed when she responded, “Yes, but there’s a fee. I could possibly waive the fee if it’s for her.” Amy was almost crying over the embarrassment and wish she could run to the hotel room. “Well, I need to get her diaper on, so it’s obviously not for me,” as Daddy says to the woman in a flirtatious voice. “My name is Jessica and I’d be happy to help you bring in the baby crib at no extra charge. You’re in room 104, I’ll meet you over there.”

Daddy wipes a few tears about to run down Amy’s face before leading her to their hotel room. The second the door opens, Daddy lays Amy on the floor and lifts up her skirt. A big wet stain on Amy’s panties is so obvious to the naked eye and she’s not even done gushing a little more precum out into her panties the minute Daddy touches it. “You’re such a naughty girl for enjoying all of the humiliating scenes that just happened in the lobby of our hotel. It’s time for a diaper after making such a big cummy mess in your panties.”

Amy tries to mumble through her pacifier how she doesn't want to be diapered right now, since Jessica is on her way with the baby crib. “I was going to put you in a diaper in the lobby if you were running late, but thank god for that. Now suck you pacifier like a good baby and be happy you can now wet your diaper without making a mess,” as Daddy grabs the baby powder and an Abena M4 diaper.

The minute Daddy tapes the last diaper strap, Jessica walks in without even knocking on the door. Daddy sensed that she wanted to see Amy getting her diaper changed and decided to let Jessica help Amy up with her diaper still exposed. Amy being so embarrassed and had been saving her bladder for her diaper but didn’t think she’d have wet herself in front of Jessica too. The sudden movement of having Jessica lift her up and being touched by a random woman only made Amy start to cry with her pacifier falling out of her mouth.

Jessica starts to laugh over how pathetic Amy is to be grown woman wearing a big thick diaper as Amy waddles over to her Daddy. The embarrassment and humiliation clouded Amy’s mind which made her forget about her full bladder that her seal broke. The whole room was so quiet that everyone could hear Amy’s pee splattering against her thick diaper. Amy started to piss so hard in her diaper as her tears streamed down her face crying, “Daddy!! Daddy!! Daddy!! I WET MY DIAPER!!!”

Amy's tears were streaming down her face as she felt her piss filling every part of her diaper and the sound of Jennifer giggling. Daddy lifted her up and made Amy stand in the corner with her face against the wall. "You (speaking to Amy) couldn't even hold your pee pee like a big girl could you? This only makes it more obvious of how much of a big baby you are to wet your diaper without any hesitation. You better not move from this position until I say otherwise." Amy could only cry out from her tears to say, "Yes Daddy."

Jennifer and Daddy moved the baby crib into the room. "Does she always wear diapers and act like a baby?" "No. This is her first time wearing a diaper. I didn't think she'd end up using it like a baby." Amy was able to hear everything and only made her tears keep on running down her face.

A second wind of having pee began to sneak up on Amy but there was no way she'd be able to use the toilet now. Daddy walked over to Amy the minute she had started to pee in her already wet diaper, "Are you wetting your diaper again?" Amy's diaper began to sag a little lower. Daddy placed his hand on the back of her diaper to feel how heavy it was getting from Amy's dirty little pee pee before pushing it in to her ass.

"Who wets adult diapers? You better answer me little baby!" Amy didn't want to admit to wetting her diaper in front of Jennifer and didn't say anything. "I'm going to ask you only one more time before I make you regret not aw anything at all. WHO WETS ADULT DIAPERS?" "I WET ADULT DIAPERS!" Amy said crying and admitting to being a wet diaper girl.

"You should've admitted that before I had to ask you again. I think Jennifer is loving this so maybe she'd be willing to change your wet diaper," as Daddy looked disappointed with Amy's lack of discipline. Amy's diaper was starting to get cold and sticky to her bottom and crotch area. Jennifer stepped in and asked, "I can't believe you're a woman who puts yourself into this humiliating situation." "You don't need to talk to her like a woman since she's obviously unable to act like one. Treat her like the big baby she is. Amy hasn't made any complaints about her wet diaper so can't you see how much she seems to enjoy it."

"Daddy! Please change my diaper," as Amy said as polite as possible, hoping to impress her Daddy. "Go beg or even cry like the big baby to Jennifer to be changed." Jennifer got on one knee and said, "Come Mommy. That's a good baby," as Amy started to waddle over. Amy could only think of how humiliating it was going to be to be diaper changed by barely 21 years old girl.

Daddy gave Jennifer Amy's diaper bag while Jennifer decided to tease Amy a little more before changing her. "Who's your Mommy, Baby? Amy couldn’t believe she had to call a woman younger than her, Mommy, but said, “You’re my Mommy,” hoping she’d change her diaper. “Good girl,” as Jennifer stuck a baby pacifier in Amy’s mouth to suck on before she changed her wet soggy diaper. “Little baby Amy made a big wetty in her diaper, didn’t she?” as Jennifer made Amy lay down on her back.

It was obvious that Jennifer did a lot of babysitting before, but never had the fun of humiliating a grown woman wearing diapers and treated like a baby.Jennifer unstrapped the four tapes holding Amy’s diaper together and then opened the wet diaper up, exposing her little shaved pussy and butt. Amy started to cry over the embarrassment and ended up making a little twinkle in her open-faced diaper. “Uh oh, Baby had a little pee pee for Mommy?” as Jennifer started to wipe Amy’s little wet pussy. Mommy Jennifer diapered her new baby, Amy with two very thickly padded diapers. Amy could barely touch her knees together and had to waddle anytime she tried to walk.

Daddy wanted to take his baby and Jennifer out for some drinks. “Now, you better be a good girl at the bar or Mommy and Daddy will have to discipline you right there inside of the bar,” as he dressed Amy in one of her pink little slip-on mini skirts that barely covered the bottom of her thick diapers. Amy said, “Daddy, I’m thirsty.” Daddy had a baby bottle with some milk from the hotel that he used to mix with some liquid laxative to quench her thirst. “Daddy, Daddy, please don’t make me drink the baby bottle,” Amy said mistakenly forgetting about how her Daddy just told her to behave. “I was going to feed you the bottle in the hotel room, but now you can drink it while we walk over to the bar that’s only three blocks away.” Amy was almost shocked to have to go out in her mini skirt and diapered, but to have to suck on a baby bottle while she walked with her Daddy and Jennifer over to the bar was almost unbearable.

“Now, start drinking your baby bottle Amy or I’ll put this leather collar around your next and pull you like a little bitch to the bar.” Amy started to make a sad face and slowly took her baby bottle out of Daddy’s hand and started to suck on it. Daddy helped Amy put on her sexy little 5-inch black heels before they all were ready to leave the hotel. “Aren’t we forgetting Amy’s diaper bag?” as Jennifer put two extra diapers in the diaper bag. When Jennifer was growing up, she always got treated badly by the older hot girls at her school, so this was her chance to be the one making fun of an older hot girl like Amy.

Daddy had on a button down blue collared shirt with some stylish blue jeans as he walked with his little Baby Amy drinking from her baby bottle. Jennifer walked on the other side of Amy to make sure she was sucking that baby bottle while they walked over to the bar. A few people ended up walking past them with giggles and slightly gawking looks, which only made Amy almost try to close her eyes from the humiliation of drinking from a baby bottle on a public street. Amy almost fell a few times with her high heels and thick diapers between her legs that made it almost impossible to walk straight.

The last block came up quick and Amy was only halfway through her baby bottle. Daddy took the baby bottle and removed the top and made Amy chug the rest of it down. “If you resist in anyway or do not follow either of our directions in anyway you will be spanked with your diaper showing to everyone at the bar. Do I make myself clear.” Amy nodded her head, “Yes Daddy.” Amy almost jumped as Jennifer slide her fingers under Amy’s diapers to diaper check her, “Looks like our little baby hasn’t made another wetty yet.” Jennifer lifted up Amy’s skirt to sprinkle some more powder in her diaper that made it easily visible to people walking past them. Amy could only bite her tongue as she knew that Jennifer was having the time of her life with her.


  1. thank you for your compliment. :-)

  2. Where's the love. Its a sexy story to be sure but a little needs to know her daddy loves her for more then just humilating her.

  3. This made me sad. Yes it is a hot story but being a little myself it made me sad. My Daddy would never do me this way. Even when he punishes me he is still loving and caring and not matter what always does aftercare. Just to make sure I know that I am loved. Not only that but just wondering why put her in a diaper her if she is in trouble for using it? Just a little bit confused on that one. If you punish her for using it why do it? If you want her to use it the punishment is just going to make her not want to use it. If I get punished for doing something I don't want to do it again and be punished a second time.

    1. I'm sorry to have made you sad. This story is purely based on humilition and for people who want to be put to shame and be punished until they are at rock bottom. Only then will they use the safe word to be unbroken from their fantasy.

  4. Bit confused at this story cus the woman started as jessica and then turned into jennifer?